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Thread: Shareware sites submission

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    Shareware sites submission

    Hi folks,

    I just released our new game Bouldermouse.

    does anybody know a good, free shareware submission robot or something like this?

    I used Robosoft last time, but the evaluation is over and they want to have 70$ or something, and I didn't earn an money with the game yet...


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    Shareware sites submission

    PS: We should perhaps make a Link collection with important freeware/shareware sites, sited that review games etc sticky here?

    That would be extremly usefull when releasing a new game


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    Shareware sites submission

    I'd certainly be interested in a page of links like that..

    Shop fronts
    CD Duplicators and packaging (Although this would be very regional and of little use unless you actually want a physical medium)

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    Shareware sites submission

    [quote="jasonf"]I'd certainly be interested in a page of ]

    This comes up ever few months, and every time it seems to get axed . Really would be cool to have something like this. At one point, a few of us got together and offered to create a ring, but again it didn't go anywhere. Too bad

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    Shareware sites submission

    The 'Distributors & Publishers' section within the Links page has a small list. if you guys can gather or create some small banners for these sites you can expand the list quite a bit.
    Jason McMillen
    Pascal Game Development


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