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Thread: The great list of Pascal Games

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    The great list of Pascal Games

    In this thread, WILL asked to write up your favourite pacal game. It reminded me of the fact that we actually do not have a list of all pascal games.
    I think we all liked the video WILL made for the codegear contest. Apart from the fact that it showed us what is possible with Pascal, in those few mintues a huge list of games was displayed. So why not make a page where they are all listed?

    Ok, here's the deal. You write up your game or one you know of that is not on the list and I will add it in the post below this one. Once we have a somewhat completed list, it will be placed somewhere within the PGD website.

    Here's what I need:
    - The name of your (or the) game
    - It's location, so people can download an play it. (if available)

    The games you mention must be:
    - written in pascal/delphi
    - completed or at least in a mature demo state.

    Ok, let them come.

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    The great list of Pascal Games

    [size=18px]The great list of Pascal Games[/size]

    Abra Academy (Delphi 2006 and Asphyre Engine, Phoenix Engine)
    Age of Wonders
    Age of Wonders II: The Wizards Throne
    Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic
    AirHockey 3D - air hockey
    Aztlan Dreams

    Bean Machine
    Birth of America
    Bouldermouse (Delphi 7 Pro with DanJetx and Squallsound)

    Cartesian Chaos
    Cavern Fighter
    Charlie II
    Commando Xenidis (Delphi 7 Pro with Omega DX9)

    Deep Sea Redemption
    Dragon Duel
    Druids - Battle of Magic (Delphi 2006 and Asphyre Engine)
    Dungeon Looter

    Earth Under Fire

    Fantasy land

    Gem Chase

    Hero X

    Insanity (delphi 7 with UnDelphiX (DX 7))


    The Keep

    Last Dawn

    Mad Aeon Fight Arena
    Magma Duel
    Mars Miner
    MicroJuegos (Allegro)
    Mini Racing Online
    Mystery in London

    Napalm Bomber 3D
    NecroSPACE 2 (delphi 7 with UnDelphiX (DX 7))
    Nemesis Online

    Panic Dizzy
    Projekt W

    Rome : Curse of the Necklace

    .S.C.A.G. (Turbo Delphi with Necro3D Game Engine)
    Scorch an Island
    Siege of Avalon
    Sodoma Lite
    Space Cadett

    Tank Brigade
    Tank Busters
    TombClimber (Delphi 7 Pro with Omega DX
    Travelogue 360 : Paris
    TSS Tokyo Demo

    Uber Chess (Turbo Delphi with Necro3D Game Engine)
    Uber fighter (delphi 2005, plain GDI )
    Uber Zombie (Turbo Delphi with Necro3D Game Engine)

    Village Defense

    Wicked Defense (Turbo Delphi, Asphyre eXtreme II (4.0))

    Xenidis Delphi 5 Pro with DelphiX
    XIII Century: Death or Glory

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    The great list of Pascal Games

    mmm.. mabe we could have a huge button on the frontpage that says: GAMES MADE IN PASCAL

    well, here's my tiny list:

    NecroSPACE 2
    Uber Chess
    Uber fighter
    Uber Zombie

    (Edit: updated URL's)
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    The great list of Pascal Games

    My two shareware games are written on Delphi.
    AirHockey 3D - air hockey

    Scorch an Island - a remake of Scorched Earth :

    Actually many of shareware games written on Delphi - for example very successful Rainbow Mystery and other games by Sugar Games seems to be written on Delphi.

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    The great list of Pascal Games

    Finished games, all made with Delphi.

    Delphi 7 Pro with DanJetx and Squallsound - Bouldermouse

    Delphi 7 Pro with Omega DX9 - Commando Xenidis

    Delphi 7 Pro with Omega DX8 - TombClimber

    Delphi 5 Pro with DelphiX - Xenidis

    More to come soon, TombClimber II (3D) and The Innominate, both in an early playable state.


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    The great list of Pascal Games

    Why is Eric Grange's game missing here? I mean AirBlast.

    Also, I'm not sure you can pick up those game for free, but they are all made with Delphi.


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    The great list of Pascal Games

    List updated.

    Note that I have not searched for games myself (yet). I do not want to make this my own mission. If you want your or someone else's games listed, please name them.

    [Edit 20:15pm] I've added some more games which were mentioned in the projects section.

    Keep em coming!

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    The great list of Pascal Games

    Please, add my two games! =)

    Druids - Battle of Magic

    Abra Academy

    Both of them done with Delphi 2006 and Asphyre Engine!

    Abra Academy also used a LOT of PORTIONS of Phoenix Engine by Andreaz! Very thanks you again Andreaz! =)

    Abra Academy 2 is almost coming out very very soon!!![img][/img]

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    The great list of Pascal Games

    Nice. I hope you like these two:


    It is the first complete game that uses Allegro.pas. The name of the project is "MicroJuegos" (Micro Games) because I want to create a collection of small fast retro-style games.

    The link of the project (temporal URL):
    note: If you want to compile the sources you'll need a library that isn't released yet. I'll release it soon (I hope).


    This was the first 'complete' game I coded in Pascal. It used the first incarnation of Allegro. Was coded for the TINS'06 conquest and it was the 4th. in the 'overall' list.

    The link of the project (temporal URL):

    Note: As you see, the URL are ugly. That's because I moved to another server and the DNS were undefined yet. I'll fix the URL when it works.
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    The great list of Pascal Games

    New games added, as wel as additional information about compiler and engine used in the development.

    The list is growing steadily, but we're not there yet, so keep them coming. If you dont wish to clutter this thread, you can also pm me any new games.

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