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Thread: create 3d trees for free

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    create 3d trees for free

    Dryad lets you intuitively create beautiful trees for your virtual world or game. In Dryad, you create a tree by visually navigating to it through a design space: the space of all trees. This space has close to a hundred dimensions and Dryad lets you move around it as if it were a city map. To help you find your way, Dryads around the world communicate to share which trees were picked in the past. A collaborative mapping of the tree space emerges, which your Dryad uses to gently steer you towards high-quality finds. We call this collaborative design space exploration. The export format is .obj . When exporting the tree design is also uploaded to be shared. - create adventure games without programming

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    create 3d trees for free

    Very good
    From brazil (:

    Pascal pownz!

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    create 3d trees for free

    I second that :razz:
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    create 3d trees for free

    I third that, gonna try it myself.

    I think obj files could be imported in 3D Studio MAX
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    create 3d trees for free

    .obj is ok, very useful and easy to import format. But the software itself is completely useless for games. Too many polys in trees it creates.


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