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Thread: Fast paced 3d shooter possible with glScene?

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    Fast paced 3d shooter possible with glScene?

    Thanks all for submitting your specs. You all got much more powerful machines than I do. This is not good at all .

    Okay. Here it comes: ~2 GHz (Athlon XP), ATI Radeon 9600 , 512 MB RAM (I don't even remember if it is DDR or SD), XP SP2...

    At least I got Lazarus/GLScene running now. But I think a serious game isn't possible without octree or bsp structure of scenes. I considered using OpenBSP but then I saw the official source ( is ... "Under construction"... Fine. There is an old bundle of Lazarus/GLScene/Quark/OpenBSP ( by skinhat. Since I prefer GtkRadiant and no old precompiled packages I would like to get the latest (preferable SVN) source of the OpenBSP compiler. Any ideas where to get it (OpenBSP is not listet at sourceforge)?

    Alternativly I would also consider using other Bsp/Octree compilers as long as they are free and usable together with Pascal. Bsp prefered to Octree because indoor scenes would be the majority. Any ideas?

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    Fast paced 3d shooter possible with glScene?

    For all I know, Octree and BSP are already implemented in GLScene. To find useful resources, I suggest you to visit GLScene's newsgroup. Also, visit their CVS frequently, because they often post updates, bug fixes, and new things.

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    Fast paced 3d shooter possible with glScene?

    At the moment it is not possible to join the newsgroup through web browser (error when creating account/no activation mail) and since my provider don't offer these groups I can't access them another way. As soon as I get access I will ask since I couldn't find any implemented Bsp/Octree components/objects/classes in the reference.

    EDIT: Well... you are completly right... I this time read CAREFULLY the GLScene article about OpenBSP and it says that you get latest sources by CVS (nowadays it's SVN) ... and they and you are right... there it is... ops: :lol:

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    Fast paced 3d shooter possible with glScene?

    Don't worry! I'm glad you found what you were looking for.

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