Today we posted updates to Joomla 1.5 plugin SimpleGeSHi and updated the SimpleGeSHi product page. SimpleGeSHi is being used to highlight the source listings for the product tutorials.

We released a new Joomla 1.5 plugin called SimplePHP. It allows you embed PHP command directly in the content area. In a word... SWEET! This jewel will allow you now extend your site in many different ways right from within the Joomla content area. I made this plugin so that I can hook into the high score database and display the high scores on the website. Using the database extension that I'm currently working on I will now have a robust seamless solution for manging the high scores for all the games.

If you use Joomla to manage your website maybe these plugins my interest you.

A stable version of PyroGine SDK has been released. I continue to work on PyroDatabase which I hope to get in the next PGSDK build. I've recently got the TPyroDatabaseTable class working. You can traverse a query result from a remote MySQL database for example. For the next update I plan to get BLOB support working. You will be able to insert and update binary data.