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Thread: Very nice...

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    Very nice...

    Is the A3D nGine well suited to making a top down 3D style game similar to Warcraft 3?

    Or is it better for the Halflife first person shooter style game?

    I am wanting to make a top down 3d game similar to Warcraft 3, not the first person shooter..

    From what I see so far though, the engine is awesome.. very good work.

    Also, I am a Delphi 5 user, can I use it or do I need to be 6?

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    Very nice...


    I personally have compiled A3D in Delphi 5, although it was the SDL conversion I am working on. As for using it for a top down 3D , I can't see any reason why not, it's all down to how you organise your scene at the end of the day.

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