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Thread: performace analysis tools?

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    performace analysis tools?

    can anybody give me names , or links, to any good performance analysis tools. im using lazaurus if that matters.

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    performace analysis tools?

    You can create your own profiling system just using timing functions like QueryPerformanceCounter(), and a log system. Here is an example of how it works:

    OTOH, this software called my attention, but I haven't tried it:

    If someone have tried it, please write about it.

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    performace analysis tools?

    Here on the forums somewhere is a profiling class I wrote. Basically at the start of each block of code you want to profile you call a function, at the end the class dumps a record of how long each block took to run.

    I cant find the relevant post as "You cannot make another search so soon after your last; please try again in a short while."
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    performace analysis tools?

    I know its not relevant because its for Delphi, but it might be useful if someone stumbles on this thread from a search.

    I use ProDelphi. It is a paid for application (Delphi version is less than Ǩ50), but its pretty good IMHO. There is also a .net version.

    The website is
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    From brazil (:

    Pascal pownz!

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    performace analysis tools?

    I have used GpProfile under Delphi for ages.

    but It's not for lazarus I'm afraid.
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    Re: performace analysis tools?

    [quote="amirz90"]can anybody give me names , or ]

    AQTime is very very good... but not cheap :|


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