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Thread: MIDlet Pascal is going 'open source'

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    Re: MIDlet Pascal is going 'open source'

    Quote Originally Posted by jdarling
    Quote Originally Posted by WILL
    So is there any information on how to add a new BlackBerry device to the compiler? For example my model of cell phone?
    WILL you shouldn't need to add any device to the compiler, I was able to build and run an app on both my LG and BlackBerry (PERL) just fine. The trick is getting them installed on your device LOL
    To install seems easy if I have certan files availible on my system to upload using the BlackBerry provided management software. I forget the extensions, but I believe it looks for a .cat file?
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    Re: MIDlet Pascal is going 'open source'

    Take a look at WILL


    Fairly good walk through on how to do it if your phone supports it.

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