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Thread: Wanted - A network delay simulator

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    Wanted - A network delay simulator

    I've written an application that talks to some hardware via http. OK, so this isn't a game but what I'm after would be useful when I get around to adding network stuff to my work-in-progress one. What I'm after is some way to simulate delays on the internet. I guess I'm after some software that will delay packets and generally cause trouble so that I can see how my apps handle these issues. Has anyone used such a program ?

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    Wanted - A network delay simulator

    Don't know of such a program, but if you download several torrents at full speed you will have packet delays for sure.

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    Wanted - A network delay simulator

    use a program that uses tons of conections,

    an option, like cronodragon said, download several torrents at same time.
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    Wanted - A network delay simulator

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    Wanted - A network delay simulator

    I've been in contact with these people and have downloaded their 30 day trial software. I'll let you know if its any good. I noticed that Microsoft's XNA framework has built in support for testing network conditions. I might have a go at producing a utility that does something similar for us Delphi users

    Thanks for all your suggestions for delaying the packets. I also need a solution that will drop packets and mix up the order they arrive so I also need a more advanced solution than just a delay. Hopefully this trial application will provide what I'm after.

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    Wanted - A network delay simulator

    TCP packets never mix up order btw.


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