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Thread: Directinput and text input, the best way ?

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    Directinput and text input, the best way ?

    Hello All !

    Well, another boring question...

    Directinput is a great way to handle user input, but when it comes to handle text input it's not as simple as it seems

    Do I need to translate DIK keys in char ?

    or use WM_CHAR message in my window message handlin procedure ?

    If you have some tricks, please let me know...

    many thanks

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    Directinput and text input, the best way ?

    I suggest you use WM_CHAR as it is far easier, and because Directinput indirectly uses WM_CHAR anyway (AFAIK). By using WM_CHAR, you can save yourself the troubles of writing a system that converts Directinput keystate data to KeyPress/KeyRelease events. Moreover you need your program to resend these messages when the user holds a character key (so he can type "aaaaaa", by holding 'a'). By using WM_CHAR you get all this functionality anyway and as far as i can tell, there are no drawbacks.

    Check this link for reasons not to use Directinput for keyboard and mouse.
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    Directinput and text input, the best way ?

    thanks for the advice !

    I'm already facing problems, since I thought i could handle user input with a queue... i don't have the results i expected..


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