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Thread: For the IPhone

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    For the IPhone

    I have thought on a game for the iPhone taking advantage of that tactile screen. The iPhone is a amazing portatil device that even detect inclination, rotating. My idea is that:

    A game about many spider walking over a plataform you must throw them away shaking the iPhone. Some of that spider holds to the plataform so its gonna be more hard throw them. Shake carefull, ¬Ącause you don¬Ąt want an iPhone toss casuality.
    I haven¬Ąt do anything ¬Ącause I have not the materials to do it ( libraries, DevPaks, programming language )

    If One of you could do it, It shall be just fine
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    For the IPhone

    Thers is talk that one of the guys on the FreePascal team may start work on a iPhone port. So if you want to wait until then, you can. Or you could help him and speed up development of it.
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