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Thread: recompiling in delphi2005pro

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    recompiling in delphi2005pro

    Recompile All
    unit cache

    While fixing a bug i experienced some wierd behaviour of delphi2005pro.
    I always assumed that a recompile all does just that. Hmm no not this time. When i ran the program again the debugger showed it was executing the old code. :? I guess the menu entry clear unit cache does have it existance. as after using that and another recompile the right code is executed.
    I guess it has to do with the line i commented out is in a package that is used by the main application. Although both are in the same project. So my idea still is that a recompile all should compile both new.

    Is that known behaviour with delphi20005pro?
    Is there another way forcing a recompile?
    Or is there a way disable the unit cache?
    Can i add custom commands to the compile so that i can delete the .dcu files before compiling? - create adventure games without programming

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    recompiling in delphi2005pro

    killing debugged process (CTRL+F2) and project -> build xxxx does the trick in delphi 7.
    This is my game project - Top Down City:

    My OpenAL audio wrapper with Intelligent Source Manager to use unlimited:


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