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Thread: Can't find unit libc

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    Can't find unit libc

    System: Xubuntu 8.04.1
    Compiler/IDE: Lazarus 0.9.26 beta + FPC 2.2.2
    Libraries/API: GLScene

    I'm trying to install GLScenen but I have this compiler error:
    /usr/lib/lazarus/components/glscene/Source/platform/glcrossplatform.pas(1,1) Fatal: Can't find unit libc used by GLCrossPlatform
    I find a fix on Internet but it said that Lazarus 0.9.26 *must* fix it. Have no idea about what package or compiler option I need.

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    Can't find unit libc

    I've found a package for Kylix compatibility. I've installed that package and now it worked.

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    Can't find unit libc

    Share the love, and tell us all where you found the compat lib

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    Can't find unit libc

    As usual, I was looking for other thing, but I found a package named "fp-units-i386" whith this description:
    Quote Originally Posted by fp-units-i386
    Free Pascal specific units for the i386 architecture:
    - libc: used for compatibility with kylix, deprecated.
    I installed it and recompiled the GLScene package. Also I made other fixes explained in Lazarus' wiki.
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