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Thread: Who is making a game?

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    Re: Who is making a game?

    Hi all,

    I'm not working on a game at the moment, but I have some started and suspended projects. And of course, I develop all of them in Pascal.

    MegaFillers (Suspended)
    Developed in Borland Delphi, the most recent version is v1.3.2, and it allows multiplayer mode over the Internet. Most likely I'll continue it's development, when I feel like to.
    More info:

    MG-IHYW (Suspended)
    Unfortunately, I don't have any public release of this game. It is a text-adventure game with ASCII graphics in Hungarian language. It's developed in Turbo Pascal. I'm thinking of suspending the development eventually, since writing such a game requires a lot of time - actually, I need to write a smaller novel to finish this game. And I see that people are not really interested in text-adventure games like this, so I really doubt it's worth the time. I feel pity though, because I think I sacrificed a lot of time already, and figured out a cool and interesting storyline.
    At least I have a screenshot of it. (Sorry, the server is not accessible in 24 hours a day.)

    Save Dick Assman! (Suspended Eventually)
    It is intended to be a reaction to the critic videos of FreddyD. He criticised some bogus, but commercially-dealed games, like the famous "Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing". My game is intended to be pretty bad, but funny. I used some characters he criticised in his videos, from several games. Here is a trailer:
    I decided to stop the development, because I ran out of ideas for jokes, and I see not point in publicating a game that takes 2 minutes to play, and not even funny enough.

    I have some other Pascal games too, but they are not even worth to mention.

    Thanks for taking this question.

    All the bests,

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    Re: Who is making a game?

    I am working on a penalty shootout game for work - the 3d maths gives me a headache but its 70% done - a few more days.
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    Re: Who is making a game?

    I am working on my Game Engine. It will be 2D Game Engine for Shareware games. Its name AwilumGameEngine (AGE)
    my old one was FansoroGameEngine(FGE). I wrote three games with FGE. There are here

    its in Russian

    Pascal Games - Game Development in Ukraine

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    Re: Who is making a game?

    For my part, a screen shot from my editor, showing a 3D room with light and bump mapping.

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    Re: Who is making a game?

    Wow, it's great to see such a huge response of people making games here at the site.

    I've sort of taken a year off from keeping in touch with the community at large and all the contacts I had. So with all the changes that would take place in over a year, I've not seen much activity from you guys. I'm quite happy that people are still making games of all kinds.

    Keep showing off your stuff though guys, I'm hoping to get game reviews going each issue of the new Pascal Gamer magazine!

    I've been working on a few projects of my own. A few have not seen the light of day, but a few others know about them.

    Off the top of my head;

    - Garland's Quest -- Search for it here on PGD...

    - Treasure Hunters: The Dark Labyrinth -- A game based off of an old board game by Ravenburger called 'The Amazing Labyrinth'. Only with an Indiana Jones/Relic Hunter theme to it.

    - Invaded -- A game partially modeled after the economics and strategy portion of 'UFO: Enemy Unknown' and the 4x genre of games where you learn your tech tree and dominate the world. The idea being that you build a resistance force against the alien presence that has taken over the earth to try to take it back.

    - A concept for a 2D platform MMO, I'm currently calling 'The Eternal Night' -- It's going to be my take on a retro-style Castlevania game, but MMO. Or... just multi-player. Not promising anything, but I have some neat ideas brewing.
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    Re: Who is making a game?

    I'm still working on an adv. remake of Pengo, the problem is I have only very little spare time to work on it.

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    Re: Who is making a game?

    Quote Originally Posted by marmin
    I'm still working on an adv. remake of Pengo, the problem is I have only very little spare time to work on it.
    That's a problem we all have.

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    Re: Who is making a game?

    I am making an another Quake III clone(yeah, I know there are gazillions of these) called fpcQuake. This one is done entirely from scratch with FPC, with my own engine and components, and no source code used from Quake(partly because it's C, and partly cause it's not readable and partly cause I don't wanna).

    While I've started the project a year ago, I haven't done much programming until the last half a year. The game is far from functional yet. Networking gameplay is not implemented, there is almost no user interface(aside from the engine console, which is not visible on the screenshot). It still does not support a lot of things Quake III does, like lighting(though it supports lightmaps), water and other volumes(pain zones, etc). The player models do not use shaders(which is a problem for models with any graphics effects), though this is the next on my list of priorities, just after fixing about 1000 bugs The collision detection, while highly improved is not yet quite as good as the one in Quake, and there are bugs with motion(motion acceleration is not implemented). The physics could be better. The graphics could use a bit of optimization to squeeze the most out of older machines(such as a Pentium Celeron 300, which is one of my test machines). Anyways, a lot of work needs to be done, and I'm expecting to make a playable version by the end of the year.

    On the screenshot you can see a level with AI players(bots). The bots are actually artificially unintelligent, because they just spawn and do nothing. This was required for debugging purposes and I don't believe I'll implement a decent bot AI in the following year or two.

    I'd release all the stuff, but I haven't really checked the licenses for the maps and models I use. When, and if ever, I do release the game I'll find license compatible models and maps. Currently I use GPL v3 for source code.

    A screenshot(640x480):
    In defeat we learn.

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    Re: Who is making a game?


    I'm create a new game: Bubble Online, up to 8 players at internet and stage editor:

    and i'm finish my old games Nemesis Online:

    and MiniRacingOnline:

    All games are free and developed with Delphi 2006 and DelphiX

    Kotai. -> Nemesis Online & Bubble Bobble Online & Castlevania Online & Penguin Adventure Online

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    Re: Who is making a game?

    Wow, there is some really cool stuff in here, Glad to see so many replies

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