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Thread: 3D Realms close?

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    3D Realms close?

    I know, they don't use Pascal, but Apogee/3D Realms did create so great games as Commander Keen or Shadow Warrior I think you need to know it.

    I've read that 3D Realms shuts down. I feel sad.
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    Re: 3D Realms close?

    I'm also sadened about the news I'm a big fan of Duke Nukem and I'm currently playing Manhattan Project Well, they created great games while they were still in business...
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    Re: 3D Realms close?

    Yeah these guys were quite the success story for Shareware games. Well them and id Software.
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    Re: 3D Realms close?

    Well, well... the truth finally comes out. All of this 13 year stuff was on purpose. Just read that story. Hmm.... no wonder epic engine lic jumped after 2001, think about it... all of a sudden... epic just dominated the engine space. I have to give it to them, they have balls, made tons of money... but in the end... lost a lot of respect (from me). Oh well.... what goes around eventually smacks you right in the backside. That is their legacy. I'm relieved to finally know the truth (assuming it is in fact true) but at the same time pissed off by the deception.

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