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Thread: got problems with install

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    got problems with install

    hi guys, i've downloaded stuffs, but when i start install i got the follow warning and error from the log file:

    \OpenGL\GLXtreem\GLXTreem2003-06-29\Packages\GLXtreem_6.dpk(3) Warning: File not found: 'GLXtreem_6.res'

    \OpenGL\GLXtreem\GLXTreem2003-06-29\Source\GraphicEx\GraphicCompression.pas(1844) Error: Invalid combination of opcode and operands

    \OpenGL\GLXtreem\GLXTreem2003-06-29\Source\GraphicEx\GraphicCompression.pas(1931) Error: Invalid combination of opcode and operands

    \OpenGL\GLXtreem\GLXTreem2003-06-29\Source\GraphicEx\GraphicEx.pas( 58 ) Fatal: Could not compile used unit 'GraphicCompression.pas'

    DCC Exited with code: 1

    Compile done.

    Installation Failed !

    is there any answers? thx for help!

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    got problems with install

    That looks like a error in GraphicEx, try to install GLXTreem manually as described in install.txt and see if it helps. The .res warning is just right.

    Oh, and this code appears to be an approximate replacement for return(random() & 0x01);

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