Old topic turned into a incompenhendable blend of everything, so here's a topic restart.

Milestones reached:
- Car editor partially rebuilt, can now finally open cars it makes.. i still need to replace all my Tbitmap scanline code that is still left there with superior vampyre imaging lib.
- Random city Traffic
- Fixed spawning for pedesterians, they are now smarter and don't get stuck as often as they used to, still need to sort out a few AI things tho.
- OMG proper car physics finally, i wrote this myself - it took me a few months tho.
- Newton 2 latest beta is in, and works flawless.
- Sprite packing for animated sprites such as actors, using: http://fpc4gp2x.eonclash.com/downloads/Partitions.pas, This makes original textures 1/4 smaller.

Some progress videos:


And what would all that be for without a demo? :O


Let me know if you have any issues running it.