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Thread: SDL and/or OpenGL tutorials (English)

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    SDL and/or OpenGL tutorials (English)

    I've been looking around Googling like a mad man to find some decent SDL/OpenGL tutorials for Pascal that are in English (as this is my native tongue, although you probably couldn't tell that by my horrible grammar and spelling). dglOpenGL looks great but all, I repeat all tutorials are in German, and my German is limited to 'Das Ist Goot.' So I thought I would list the ones I do know of, and would greatly appreciate any additional resources others might think would help newbies such as myself. Thanks for the input.

    I have found the FreePascalMeetsSDL
    (Very good for simple basic ideas and implementations, which really helped a lot, and I would like to find something similar for OpenGL in pascal as well.)
    (This is a great place too, but having to sort through the dozens of straight API calls to Windows to make their windows is a little annoying albeit very cool to know, which is to say far too much information than what I need. I just want to know how to set up a basic OpenGL rendering surface, draw something ridiculously simple and then clean up what I've done. JEDIs docs with their two examples on SDL and OpenGL didn't really give me much confidence.)
    (This too is an excellent bare bones example of what a game engine might look like with SDL, I haven't started on this example yet, but it looks very decent. No OpenGL though.)
    (This one is excellent and covers OpenGL and SDL, but it's written in C++, so translation for me is rather slow but doable, not the same as it being written in Pascal.)
    (I use this a lot for in depth info in conjunction with explanations found in JEDIs docs.)and last but certainly not least
    ( OMG this site has been a veritable Godsend. Wonderfully well explained code snippets, and tutorials in general. More akin to what my mother would call 'actually useful' programming. Such as in applications not games. )

    NEW! -> (CragWolf)
    Very helpful *minimum* OpenGL/SDL pascal example, with easy to follow comments. Definitely worth a look-see (especially if you want to see how a pro does it ). Great for following along with tutorials and the like as well.

    NEW! -> (PJP Dev)
    Crammed full of good OpenGL examples, mostly in C++ with some Pascal code too! This is a great site to visit. I would suggest bookmarking this bad boy. (As I have done )

    Other than these I haven't found any others. Feel free to post helpful links here, I know it would help me, and hopefully those after me as well.

    My most pressing issue would be a simple step-by-step simple initialization (as in all in one procedure) of an OpenGL over SDL type of thing with simple access to a drawing surface. The most confusing issue I have is how and where do I set my Rendering and Device Contexts with the SDL / OpenGL? As well as outlining the basic 'draw' cycle. For instance in SDL, I create a surface, and then blit and or flip it onto the screen, clear the surface and repeat. How does this work in OpenGL?

    P.S. Why are there so little resources on this type of thing? Am I just looking in the wrong place? This seems like no one takes Pascal as a serious language for anything other than Database apps. Which is stupid! There's a lot of power in Pascal, if I just knew how to use it. BTW I'm still learning a lot. As I sadly found Pascal only recently in my programming career because it was hardly ever mentioned, but it is by far my favorite language. So please be nice if I've totally missed something obvious LOL

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    Re: SDL and/or OpenGL tutorials (English)

    I made an SDL/OpenGL template a few years ago. It doesn't check the result of the SDL functions (which is recommended, by the way) or have any error catching code, but it should work fine otherwise. Compile it in Free Pascal using the command: fpc -Mobjfpc sdlglsimple.pp
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    Re: SDL and/or OpenGL tutorials (English)


    Very nice and neatly written code ( With helpful comments too! ) LOL. Thank you for your most impressive contribution!

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    Re: SDL and/or OpenGL tutorials (English)

    I'll see if it needs to be updated, because it was written a few years ago, and I may have learned some things since then.
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    Re: SDL and/or OpenGL tutorials (English)

    This is a really good example and the type of thing I was talking about (I also added it to the list.), I look forward to any updates that you might give. Let me know if and when you do and I'll update the link (if needed) on the list.

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    Re: SDL and/or OpenGL tutorials (English)

    Cragwolf, you're example helps a lot. Busy learning OpenGL with SDL for use in a future project. The NeHe tutorials are also good - The tutorials are mainly in C/C++ but there are Delphi sources available.

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    Re: SDL and/or OpenGL tutorials (English)

    @ PJP Dev,

    OMG, dude that's like the frickin' mother lode for a newbie. LOL Great resource. (Added to the list.)


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