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Thread: (un)DelphiX ported to Delphi 2010

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    (un)DelphiX ported to Delphi 2010

    Hi friends,

    New version (un)DelphiX was released with main change, support Delphi 2010 (sources and installation engine).

    In this release is too fixed big bug in draw alphablending method based by DIB with alphachannel (DIB32) for example when is PNG image convert do DIB32 with my utility.

    Other main functions - adapter for multi-monitor - I get out because there are many problems.
    This version still support Delphi 4-7 and Delphi 2005/2006/2007/2009/2010, and when I should want use all new features since Delphi 2006 I will close doors for users Delphi 2005 and older versions. It is hard decision…

    Experiences or suggestions welcome.


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    Re: (un)DelphiX ported to Delphi 2010

    good work ijcro, as usual you are the man

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    Re: (un)DelphiX ported to Delphi 2010

    yeah go ahead, i think you can remove older delphi versions, most users use new versions.if it helps improving speed and performance for undelphix, and make coding easier to you , why not? .. mask alpha blending for sprites, astar path finding implementation, clickable sprites,.....etc that's make undelphix number one
    goooooooooooood luck Ijcro you are the last hope for Undelphix community.

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    Re: (un)DelphiX ported to Delphi 2010

    Quote Originally Posted by pixin
    you can remove older delphi helps improving speed and performance...make coding easier to you...mask alpha blending for sprites...astar path finding implementation...clickable are the last hope for Undelphix community.

    Pixin, you are little crazy...but excellent...

    But my first step will be get new order for DirectX interfaces in DelphiX. There is mix of interfaces form old times DirectX 3 and I know about mistakes on interface level because Mr. Hori never finish code translation to DirectX 7. So I will repair it now.


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    Re: (un)DelphiX ported to Delphi 2010

    god bless youuuuuuuuu..

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    Re: (un)DelphiX ported to Delphi 2010

    If there are plans to remove support for Delphi 6 & 7 I'll be forced to move on to another library. That and because unDelphiX only supports DirectX 7.
    Wake up from the dream and live your life to the full

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    Re: (un)DelphiX ported to Delphi 2010

    Nice to see things are still happening with ol' DX.
    How is DX with vista/win7/dx10? Because I've been having problems on friends computers that my games doesn't do drawflipH properly (doesn't flip), and that using copyrect on a dx surface.canvas is super slow(which it isn't on my xp computer). Any updates to those issues?

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    Re: (un)DelphiX ported to Delphi 2010

    may be...

    I implemented DirextX 9 interface into DelphiX far 2-3 years ago, it is still possible with standalone headers unit (but this was included in older some all-in-one pack, with many compiler contitionals, I don't know, that it was refreshed, sorry). I can make new recompilation with DirectX 9 headers only. But there is some problems with Direct Play, I don't know other simple way except coplete rewrite directplay unit... But mix DirectX 9 / 7 is possible, I think. So older version unDelphiX unit used d3d8 unit as well.

    I keep lower version of Delphi still (from version 4), but I tried remove original Hori's code located in DXRender.pas - all is OK but on some Intel's adapters no works in DirectX software mode properly (typicaly show black-screen), I never seen it on nVidia adapters

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: (un)DelphiX ported to Delphi 2010

    Well... I already manage to convert 'on-the-fly' png images with alpha-channel to 32bits bitmaps (with pre-multiplied alphas, or not).
    You say that Dib32 utility can make the 32bits dib files... give-me the info how to store/convert the data, and lets add DIRECT support for png files into DXImageList
    Alpha-Channel png make awesomes sprites for games... I use it on my wolfenstein for translucid lights, smokes, walls and doors with glasses... and is just wonderfull...

    OK, I use the same code that I use for GLScene, to pass TPngImages, and didn't work, my question is... since is DirectX (Microsoft), The 32 bits bitmap must have premultiplied alpha channels? I have this procedure ready to use "Function CreatePremultiplyBitmap(Source: TPngObject): TBitmap;", this type of 32bits bitmap is alpha-channel enabled for directx?


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