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Thread: coco/r for delphi

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    Quote Originally Posted by ?ëu?±o Mart??nez View Post
    I can't see how to download it. Should I use SVN? Will it compile on FPC?

    BTW, thanks for the work.
    There is no separate download, go here:

    and use SVN


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    Yep, use a Subversion client to download the code! Not sure if it will work on Fpc, haven't tried that myself.
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    I downloaded it, but I can't compile it. It uses the Windows unit and I use Linux. I tried to fix it but it also uses assembler and FPC doesn't identifies it correctly (IIRC FPC uses "GNU style" not "Intel style").

    BTW, can anybody publish a yet compiled executable? I'll test it using WineHQ. May be it works.
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