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Thread: Quick and dirty prototyping

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    Quick and dirty prototyping

    Hi all,
    I found today a neat article on about "quick and dirty prototyping"

    You can read the full article here (requires free membership):


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    Re: Quick and dirty prototyping

    It's a great article.
    I've already found and read this article before you posted the link, but rapid prototyping becomes more and more important these days with companies like Zygna producing titles with a very short development process, mobile applications for the iPhone being developed in less than one week and competitions like Ludum Dare and Global Game Jam.
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    Re: Quick and dirty prototyping

    It is a really nice article, one of my favourites so far in Gamasutra.

    I love the idea of being able to just put any idea into the prototype and test it.

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    Re: Quick and dirty prototyping

    Yeah, I like how they cut to the meat and potatoes of game design and keep things from getting too crazy before it begins. Which as we all know, we like to do right from the start of most of our projects.
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