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Thread: Nitrogen web site

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    Hi Nitrogen!

    The download link does not works here for me!

    I'm using your Font Studio to create the fonts to my new game using the newest Beta Version of PhonixLib (Andreaz promises the first public beta very soon! And I have to say, this new Phoenix is very impressive!)

    I have one small request for a future version of FontStudio that will help-me a lot to make Japanese/Chinese versions of my Game!

    - Is It possible the Font Studio import the list of Characters that I need to use?If I Add in Font Studio all Japaneses Characters, I will have more than 5000 characters... But I only did use 1230 of these.... I have a TXT with the Characters that I will need... Is it possible to Font Studio import this file and select to render only the Characters present in this file?

    Anyway, I would love to test your new version, is there another download link?


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    I'm still using fontstudio too and I have one problem with it. The window is bigger than the height of my screen so I don't see the bottom-most buttons. This is caused because I use large fonts and a not-so-big resolution. Could you make add scrollbars to the form to make the bottom reachable, even if the window is smaller?

    You could also make Fontstudio opensource and I will do it myself. It's an awesome program and I'm very sure there are more pascal programmers who want to add/improve something.

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    Hi Nitrogen!

    Are you still over there? =)

    I do use fontstudio and I created a lot of games with it, but now I'm having some problem with Chinese letters.

    By example.... 开始游戏 .... This text have always 2 missings letters on FontStudio, its never render two of these letters. Font studio only renders 始游.

    I think it should be some problem with "Load Range from Text File"...

    I'm using this font and I'm sure this font supports all the characters.

    Is there a new version or If possible, could you please fix this and release a new version?

    Thanks! =)

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    Hello guys, I will take advantage of this topic to ask if someone would be so kind to share Font Studio 4.2.1, because Nitrogen's web site is gone and I can't find nowhere this awesome tool

    Thanks in advance!
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    I have uploaded it to

    It's sad it is not updated anymore. It was a very good tool!

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    Thank you!
    Get your fpc4gba copy now!
    Get your fpc4nds copy now!

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    Thank you for sharing your feedback, I will try the new version.

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    Maybe i can interest you in this project, it is basically a on-the-fly font builder, so what you need is freetype (it can also use winapi) and a truetype font:
    This is my game project - Top Down City:

    My OpenAL audio wrapper with Intelligent Source Manager to use unlimited:

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