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Thread: How to use the PSDL_Rect type

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    How to use the PSDL_Rect type

    I have created a PSDL_Rect object using the new command, can anyone tell me how to then free this object to release the memory. Ive tried different methods but keep getting access violations.

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    Re: How to use the PSDL_Rect type

    (I use FPC's SDL units, so it's barely different)

    You shouldn't (AFAIK) need to create or free a rect.
    procedure useless;
    r: TSDL_Rect;
    r.x := 0;
    r.y := 0;
    r.w := 100;
    r.h := 100;
    Keep in mind I haven't actually checked for memory leaks this way but even the C++ SDL tutorials on the internet don't seem to bother creating or freeing the rects.

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    Re: How to use the PSDL_Rect type

    I'm using the PSDR_Rect and not the TSDR_Rect. The one I use is a pointer to a rect so I create it by using "new". I'm guessing it should be freed but thanks for you reply.

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    Re: How to use the PSDL_Rect type

    You should dispose it with the Dispose function, but really, why bother?

    Why not use pointers to an automatically allocated TSDL_Rect?
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