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Thread: More opengl and a sample :)

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    Re: More opengl and a sample :)

    Quote Originally Posted by jdarling
    Seen lots of posts about VBO's but have yet to find easy to understand code about how to set this up AND use it in the end.
    Hope this will make the subject clean.

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    Yes, excellent tutorial. I also used this while learning about vertex shaders, moving towards Bone Animation on the GPU (Hardware Skinning). Reccomend!
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    Your demo works here too.

    I don't have the time to dive into the source. Nevertheless, I have a tip for you. Your terrain seems very pixelated. This is caused by the high-contrast of the texture and maybe by the fact that you didn't turn mipmapping on. You could have a look at that and improve the quality of your terrain.

    Good luck!
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