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Thread: (un)DelphiX with pure interface Delphi XE

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    (un)DelphiX with pure interface Delphi XE

    Hi for all!

    I think that it was long waiting... ...sorry.

    The (un)DelphiX was ported with pure interface Delphi 2010/XE (support installation process too ). And some improvement was added. Experience with them are welcome.


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    Re: (un)DelphiX with pure interface Delphi XE

    Very cool. Nice to see that DelphiX is being updated still.
    Jason McMillen
    Pascal Game Development

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    Re: (un)DelphiX with pure interface Delphi XE

    Ah, sorry, I forgot to overwrite about changes

    Main changes:
    1/ support pure DirectX interface build-in with Delphi 2010/XE (expect RM mode, it is not supported by Embarcadero source).
    2/ enhanced works with clip and scrap, see to function DrawRect().
    3/ clean functions, interfaces and source code, isolate old code to conditionals.
    4/ changes in compiler conditionals (see comments in file)
    5/ remove collided unit DXCommon.
    6/ remove malfunction in Collision_GetSpriteAt(), thanks Sergey.
    7/ better works with video textures (save memory when you no want use it).
    8/ better rendering DIB32 (= bitmap with alpha channel).
    9/ add support for works with PNG (from Delphi 2010 and up as implicit feature).
    10/ better assign PNG to DIB32 (as texture).
    11/ Repair compression based on ZLIB (but in Delphi 4/5 still exists - it is problem weakable package).
    12/...and some silent errors

    Installation program can install into Delphi XE IDE

    And as super bonus is join library SXMedia, for works with uncompressed AVI and MODs sound files through DelphiX interface. Integration is shown in DelphiX.dpk as common installation package (so but in Delphi 2010 and up no works fine it must be integrate by hand, because conditionals in dpk no works now, sorry)

    Thaté─˘s all

    Play with them and let me suggestions or experiences

    Regards from sunny but could Prague

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    Re: (un)DelphiX with pure interface Delphi XE

    im really happy that undelphix is always up to date..


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