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Thread: I need help setting up SDL

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    I need help setting up SDL

    Hi. I've been trying to set this up for like 3 days now, and I am a patient person, but my patience is limited too, as I'm trying so hard not to swear in this post, because I'm very very angry at the moment. I simply can't set this up. There are so many things to do with it, I am confused. I got the zip file. Extracted it. Readme said I run some win32 setup file which I couldn't find, altough I've read in a help documentation that it is not neccessary at all. Now I read there I just need to create a directory ("C:\Program Files\SDLBASE" for me). I copied all the .pas files and the *dll.a files there and added this library in Options/Directories in the units section. I put that jedi-inc.exe in the same directory and added the directory in the include files section. And it still didn't work. Now what I've also read that I need to turn Delphi compatibilty and Delphi 2 extensions on. Delphi compatibility was turned on but I don't have anything like Delphi 2 extensions there... Yeah I'm a noob that's true. I'm hell a noob. I know the langauge a bit and I am good at maths but other than that I don't have a clue about how to set this up. I would be so grateful if someone could help me because there is a huge help documentation about SDL but the one and only section about setting it up did not help me out...

    PS: I've also read about some command line thing I didn't get at all. What command line? Is that also neccessary?? I usually ran fpc from the desktop with its link not from the command line.

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    You may try this website:, the first chapter considers the set-up of SDL.

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    Finally. The "Freepascal meets SDL" tutorial could help me set this thing up. Problem solved

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