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Thread: Help SDL behaves strangely...

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    it's not long at all and thanks for it. I used to use Turbo Pascal at the very beginning of my "pascal carreer" but that just sucked in several ways so when I had started this again(about a month ago) my friend suggested me Free Pascal. And not long after that I found this site where I also found out that this SDL is compatible with Free Pascal so that seemed a comfortable way to go. I will look at your Prometheus game but now I am going to have the most useless class ever "Learning Methods" (in a Medical University) Fortunately this is the last class in the semester(and at all since this course is just 1 semester long) and I get 1 credit for it so now for the following 6 years I only have to get 359 more to get my degree.

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    Well, good luck with your class. And the purpose of Prometheus was to make video, sound, event handling and all that even simpler than sdl without limiting flexibility too much. On the whole it's worked so far but I'm overhauling it (its on the main thread here: ) if you're interested in it. The new updates I'm putting forward to it are the first drafts of audio, the new event handler data types and improving performance of the video unit by switching from code that uses SDL to hardware accelerated OpenGl, its due out later this week/early next week, but again its a work in progress and I've only just started writing the documentation. So I wouldn't recommend basing your entire game on it, just grab what you need from it since the code isnt mature yet.

    Well, better get cracking. First lunch and then onto some code. Hey, its my holiday, whod've guessed it? I get more work done on holidays in general though since I dont have stupid GCSE work...
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    Oh well thanks. I will really look at what it is about. By the way. Since this problem has been solved the thread can be closed I think.

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