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Thread: Comedy In Games

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    funny games

    Do you wanna hear about funny games??
    Worms is a really funniest game
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    Comedy In Games

    Grim Fandango was a funny game. But sometimes games can be inadvertently funny, like in the otherwise serious simulation Grand Prix Legends, when you crash at high speeds, and then watch the crash in replay mode.
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    funny games

    Another funny game is Kirby (any).

    Is too funny see him dance
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    Comedy In Games

    Quote Originally Posted by doggo18
    Personally I like Star Trek Bridge Commander. The story has alot of twists and plots (space sim, go figure ), and it has good gameplay on top of that. You can even finish the single player game at two ways, but it's a pity the rest of the story is hardcoded. You can't go anywhere without the game 'commanding' you to go there for the story. But the battles (only thing everyone cares about right?) are never boring

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    haha, bridge commander is great, not really any humour (unless you find the poorly modelled picard's head with a texture of his facer snapped over it and poor lip-sync funny)

    i installed a lot of mods onto that, i have a lot of ships in it
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    Comedy In Games

    For what it's worth, the new Sam and Max episodic games are very funny. Just like watching a cartoon, but better!
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    Comedy In Games

    Those console Mario games are funny :) At least I'm sure of those Mario RPGs on the GBA and NDS. Silly humor.

    Another funny game in my opinion is Uberfighter which I tried out like a while ago. Made in 24 hours. I mean, the Lego man just cracks me up.

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    Comedy In Games

    The first Ratchet and Clank has some excellent humour as well.
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    Comedy In Games

    How about Conker's Bad Fur Day? :)

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