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    I have just completed to translate comments in demos into English(but my English is not well) and want to present you my own cross-platform library for game development It's fully written in Pascal without using any third party libraries, except some API's like OpenGL/OpenAL and Direct3D/DirectSound.

    Current version: 0.2 RC4 (2010.11.11)
    Official website:
    Download: Full package(demos, source code, headers, extra units), Direct3D version(source code only, without demos)
    SVN repository:
    ZenFont for GNU/Linux and Windows - old versions, new are coming soon
    FontBuilder(third part tool that support ZenGL format)
    Help: Compilation

    Supported OS: GNU/Linux, Windows, MacOS X
    Supported compilers: FreePascal 2.2+, Delphi 7+
    Graphics API: OpenGL, Direct3D 8/9
    Sound API: OpenAL, DirectSound
    License: GNU LGPL version 3

    - can be used as so/dll/dylib or statically compiled with your application
    - rendering to own or any other prepared window
    - logging
    - resource loading from files and memory
    - easy way to add supporting for new resource format
    Configuration of
    - antialiasing, screen resolution, refresh rate and vertical synchronization
    - aspect correction
    - title, position and size of window
    - cursor visibility in window space
    - handling keyboard, mouse and joystick input
    - handling of Unicode text input
    - possibility to restrict the input to the Latin alphabet
    - supports tga, png and jpg
    - correct work with NPOT textures
    - control the filter parameters
    - masking
    - render targets for rendering into texture
    - textured Unicode-font
    - rendering UTF-8 or ANSI text
    - rendering text with alignment and other options like size, color and count of symbols
    - batch render for high-speed rendering
    - rendering different primitives
    - sprite engine
    - rendering static and animated sprites and tiles
    - rendering distortion grid
    - rendering sprites with new texture coordinates(with the pixel dimension and the usual 0..1)
    - control the blend mode and color mix mode
    - control the color and alpha of vertices of sprites and primitives
    - additional sprite transformations(flipping, zooming, vertices offset)
    - fast clipping of invisible sprites
    - 2D camera with ability to zoom and rotate the scene
    - works through OpenAL or DirectSound in depends on configuration or OS
    - correct work without soundcard
    - supports wav and ogg as sound samples
    - playing ogg files in separate thread
    - control the volume and playback speed
    - moving sound sources in 3D space
    - basic set of additional math functions
    - triangulation functions
    - basic set of collision functions
    - reading and writing ini-files
    - functions for work with files and memory

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    Nice work! I will have to check this out


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    Very cool! I was wondering when some kind of announcement was going to come from this project.

    I love the fact that it's all encompassing with it's features. One of the nicer things is that it's multi-thread supportive too. (Looking back to your loading demo you posted about before.) This will help games made with it run so much nicer on newer systems that have multi-core processors. ie. My iMac is a Quad Core i7 so the threading support will make a huge difference on my system for example.

    All these new engines and game libraries coming out now, I'm going to have to bring back my game library guide for newcomers.
    Jason McMillen
    Pascal Game Development

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    This looks like it might replace my use of andorra and SDL. I am curious what "basic set of collision-functions" you have (based on a translated page), I am guessing it might be bounding-box, and circles. Polygon and pixel perfect would be marvelous, however these can require some effort...

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    Quote Originally Posted by WILL
    it's multi-thread supportive too
    This version doesn't support this feature. There are a lot of work, that must be done(some functions must be modified(not only loading resources), and also there is something that I don't like in architecture ), so I decided not to include multi-threaded resource loading in this version.

    Quote Originally Posted by dazappa
    I am curious what "basic set of collision-functions" you have (based on a translated page)
    Some set of functions that check if points, rectangles, circles and lines are collide. Oriented bounding-box maybe will be added later. I just have not thought about it, because didn't encountered with this.
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    Oh ok, well then I don't like it anymore. lol Just kidding, but it was a really neat demo. It would be good to have such features in your game engine eventually.
    Jason McMillen
    Pascal Game Development

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    Hm, I get an "Error while linking" under Ubuntu 10.10 (for any demo). I'm about to reboot and try it under win7.

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    Hm, I get an "Error while linking" under Ubuntu 10.10 (for any demo)
    Just read Compilation help You must install these packages:
    - libgl1-mesa-dev
    - libglu1-mesa-dev

    all other needed packages comes with fpc 2.4.0 from Ubuntu repository(I don't know what about deb's on official website). And I want to warn you - demo08 will not work, if you don't put some dll's(libogg and other) to bin directory You can download them here
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    My answer to you about bounding-box was little strange... I just thought about OBB in 2D, not AABB(I called it like "rectangle")


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