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Thread: ZenGL

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    I guess I had misunderstood its function based on the source. I thought it only cleared button states, at any rate it works nicely with mouse_clearState.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dazappa
    I thought it only cleared button states
    Under Windows it also clearing yet another state, because WinAPI GetCursorPos is slow function, and ZenGL call it only one time per iteration.

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    New font generator have just released Here the source code of it. Just create directory "tools" in ZenGL directory and unpack archive there. After you can compile it with Lazarus 0.9.29. Little bit later I will provide GNU/Linux and Windows binary archives, because now I want to sleep
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    Fantastic Project. What about shader?


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    this framework looks elegant , thanks for sharing
    but i was hoping that the bin directory is full of exe

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    Ok, next release will be with binaries for Windows(and maybe for other OS'es) in separate package. And this minor release will be soon, because I have already found and fixed some errors in svn(text rendering using font with more than one page and "problem" with tiles2d_Draw)

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    Any chance of seeing it for ios? And shader?


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    Now ZenGL can use third party particles - Magic Particles And show something like this:

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    Well, that it quite impressive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WILL View Post
    Well, that it quite impressive.
    Provided you have access to high-res particle images, this type of effect can be done with a lot of different engines.

    If you have a working Lazarus installation, it couldn't be easier to run the demos. Simply download ZGL and unarchive it, open up the demo you want, and hit run. You don't have to fiddle with any project options because Andru created the demos with a relative path to the ZGL source.

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