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    Tower 22

    This morning I was doing my daily forum browsing duties as I discovered this. I thought.. HOLY CARPz!!

    Seems like rick Nieuwlaat has made an awesome horror game with Delphi 7. Check out this vid:

    Then, check out his blog:

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    Seems Penumbra has impressed him, and he made something impressive and atmospheric too

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    That is impressive. Most impressive.
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    Now thats what I call darned near perfect... Extremely impressive stuff there.
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    Thumbs up

    OMFG what a work !!
    A delphi post on gamedev is always welcome

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    I saw that post on, but I didn't even notice it was made using Delphi (7)...bummer!!

    I will look at the video ASAP


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    Is it opengl or directx? - create adventure games without programming


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