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    great news Andru

    do you done the coding part?

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    do you done the coding part?
    Whole game was written not by me, I made only a port to iOS. But this port included changes to gameplay(user interaction with objects), lots of optimization for low memory usage and so on.

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    Very cool Andru. I like seeing all these OP-based commercial games. Esp. For the iOS systems. This should have its own news article btw. Why don't you write it up and when I get the next chance i'll publish it.
    Jason McMillen
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    I just don't like to write descriptions for games... But ok, I will try to write something.

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    ZenGL 0.2.3

    One more bugfix release before releasing 0.3-dev branch

    - [MacOS X]fixed start in fullscreen mode(dockbar didn't hide)
    - fixed Y-offset in tex_Draw for new lines
    - fixed memory leak in ogg loading function
    - proper values for mouse_DX/mouse_DY when CORRCT_RESOLUTION is used
    - fixed particles creation for EMITTER_TYPE_LINE
    - now zgl_Get( RESOLUTION_LIST ) works before zgl_Init


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    ZenGL 0.2.6

    New stable version is out!

    - [Windows]removed passing Enter to text after key_BeginReadText
    - [Windows]fixed problem with Delphi 2009+
    - fixed problem with text rendering when there is no available first symbol in texture


    One more interesting thing - ZenGL 0.3 got support of decoding theora video(in ogv container). You can see this in demo here(compiled for Windows).
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    good for supporting theora video dec , is it possible to read theora video from memory stream ?

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    is it possible to read theora video from memory stream ?
    Yes. For any resource there are always file-reading and memory-reading functions in ZenGL. For video it is video_OpenFile and video_OpenMemory. Currently I have no ideas which video to use for standard demo, so... as soon as I got something interesting, I will add demo to svn

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    Congratulations for the Release!

    If everything goes right, Dreams of a Geisha will be the next one! =)

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