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    Official website is completed now, and as I wrote before in another topic - I prepared wrapper for Magic Particles. You can download it here. All instruction about compilation are inside. But I want to warn you - this extra demo must be used in pair with ZenGL from svn(because of AV when application close). But you can wait till tomorrow, because I will try to prepare minor release with some fixes.

    Another "release" is ZenFont.
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    What's the web address? You didn't write it.
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    Thanks, I just forgot about it First post is updated.

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    ZenGL 0.2 RC5 released.

    * [Direct3D]fixed tex_GetData and scr_ReadPixels
    * fixed Range Check Error in PasJPEG
    * fixed order of tiles in tiles2d_Draw
    * fixed text rendering with font, which have more than one page
    * function fx_SetColorMask now works correctly with batch2d_Begin/batch2d_End
    * fixed text position when flags TEX_VALIGN_* are used with parameter Scale in function text_DrawInRect
    * render targets won't be empty anymore on GeForce FX
    + [Direct3D]added constant APP_D3D_DEVICE for use with zgl_Get
    + added constants APP_WND_HANDLE and APP_OGL_CONTEXT for use with zgl_Get
    + added flags RT_USE_DEPTH and RT_CLEAR_DEPTH, RT_CLEAR_SCREEN was replaced by RT_CLEAR_COLOR
    + added function text_GetHeight

    Links were updated in this topic
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    Can you support android?

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    Quote Originally Posted by billwillman
    Can you support android?
    For now - no. I don't have this device for testing, and I don't have any plans to buy it or use slow emulators without real hardware...

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    Wow, this is some seriously amazing stuff going on here... I look forward to the first release based on ZenGl. From what I've seen so far - I wouldn't mind it is Command and Conquer Generals looked that nice XD
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andru View Post
    For now - no. I don't have this device for testing, and I don't have any plans to buy it or use slow emulators without real hardware...
    Heads up, this is what I got for christmas:

    $100 (usd), 800mhz and I think only 128mb of ram, but it's plenty to be a little dev machine. I'm going to see if I can get this working via debug mode for faster testing later today... But yeah, I don't know if it's wise to try to branch out too much with your project, but if you have the spare cash and time go for it.

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    Oh nice... I've been looking into those archos tablets. If I buy, it will probably be the 10 inch one. Let me know what your experiences are. Especially concerning pascal gamedev. I know some of us have fiddled with android, but it seems that some extra work needs to be done to make it easier.

    Did you try this?

    And merry christmas!
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    To be honest, I don't think trying to develop for android with pascal is worth the effort yet, but I'm sure I'll fiddle with it in the future.

    As for the android device itself, it has some problems. The main issue is the screen; it's hilariously small and it's resistive, so very hard to work with. (The pricier models should list if they're capacitive) I actually ended up installing a third party keyboard similar to swipe to aid in usability. With it, I don't really get that many typos, but I'm still slower at using it than with a qwerty keyboard and stylus (at least for the moment, but dragging a stylus around with you everywhere too isn't too fun). I actually wrote up a nice long post from it to reply to this topic, but I took so long the forum logged me out and lost all progress. The devices also aren't recognized by google, so to get the google market and most of the apps, you have to do some workarounds. Archos has instructions for setting up debug mode, and I'll get around to that tomorrow.

    The low memory is also turning out to be a slight problem; while the OS itself allows multitasking, it kills the apps that I wanted to multitask with because it needed more ram to run the active program. It's really no surprise to me, how much multi tasking are you going to do on a device this small? It's not what it's made for Anyway, hopefully the more expensive archos devices will have more ram, but that seems to be a spec that goes unlisted on the product pages. The 28 might only have 64mb, in reality. Very useful though, some apps I have: a few games, irc, vnc, music, video, gallery, skype, email, facebook, chat, opera mini. So yeah, the thing can be useful

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