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    Official website is completed now, and as I wrote before in another topic - I prepared wrapper for Magic Particles. You can download it here. All instruction about compilation are inside. But I want to warn you - this extra demo must be used in pair with ZenGL from svn(because of AV when application close). But you can wait till tomorrow, because I will try to prepare minor release with some fixes.

    Another "release" is ZenFont.
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    What's the web address? You didn't write it.
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    Thanks, I just forgot about it First post is updated.

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    ZenGL 0.2 RC5 released.

    * [Direct3D]fixed tex_GetData and scr_ReadPixels
    * fixed Range Check Error in PasJPEG
    * fixed order of tiles in tiles2d_Draw
    * fixed text rendering with font, which have more than one page
    * function fx_SetColorMask now works correctly with batch2d_Begin/batch2d_End
    * fixed text position when flags TEX_VALIGN_* are used with parameter Scale in function text_DrawInRect
    * render targets won't be empty anymore on GeForce FX
    + [Direct3D]added constant APP_D3D_DEVICE for use with zgl_Get
    + added constants APP_WND_HANDLE and APP_OGL_CONTEXT for use with zgl_Get
    + added flags RT_USE_DEPTH and RT_CLEAR_DEPTH, RT_CLEAR_SCREEN was replaced by RT_CLEAR_COLOR
    + added function text_GetHeight

    Links were updated in this topic
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    Can you support android?

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    Quote Originally Posted by billwillman
    Can you support android?
    For now - no. I don't have this device for testing, and I don't have any plans to buy it or use slow emulators without real hardware...

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    Wow, this is some seriously amazing stuff going on here... I look forward to the first release based on ZenGl. From what I've seen so far - I wouldn't mind it is Command and Conquer Generals looked that nice XD
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    I just don't like to write descriptions for games... But ok, I will try to write something.

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    ZenGL 0.3 beta 1

    ZenGL finally reached new milestone and got public! Main new features are iOS and Android support, support of zip-archives, multithreaded resource loading, video decoding subsystem and bindings for C/C++. All demos were rewritten a bit and added demos for iOS and Android. Also wiki was updated and now there can be found information about FreePascal and iOS/Android.

    - implemented OpenGL ES render
    - added support for iOS
    - added support for Windows Mobile 5-6(and dropped some time ago )
    - added support for Android 2.1+
    - implemented multithreaded resource loading
    - added registration of input events
    - added procedure cam2d_Init and new parameter Center to structure zglTCamera2D
    - added FX2D_RPIVOT and fx2d_SetRotatingPivot
    - added SYS_CLOSE_QUERY
    - added key_UpdateReadText
    - added snd_PlayMemory for playing audiofile in memory
    - added TEXT_CLIP_RECT for clipping text which is out of the set area in text_DrawInRect
    - implemented support for compressed textures
    - now tex_Create returns Boolean
    - added constant RENDER_VRAM_USED for zgl_Get
    - added support for PVR
    - optimization of tex_SetMask
    - added support for zip-archives
    - added constants SND_STATE_LOOPED and SND_ALL_LOOPED for using with snd_Get and snd_Stop
    - snd_PauseFile, snd_StopFile and snd_ResumeFile renamed to snd_PauseStream, snd_StopStream and snd_ResumeStream
    - added more defines for build customization
    - added parameter ConsiderCamera for scissor_Begin
    - using UTF8String everywhere
    - removed texture atlases
    - implemented architecture for decoding video into textures
    - added support of video encoded with theora codec
    - added parameter Volume for snd_Play, snd_PlayFile and snd_PlayMemory
    - added constant SND_VOLUME_DEFAULT
    - added function snd_SeekStream
    - changed logic for snd_SetVolume, snd_SetPos, snd_SetSpeed and snd_Get functions when using SND_STREAM
    - mem_LoadFromFile and mem_SaveToFile returns Boolean


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    this is so good , i've compiled all the demos but i don't know , seems too slow than previous versions ( demos take too much time at lunching )

    demo06 takes 6 seconds !
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