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Thread: Clipper problems in UnDelphiX

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    Clipper problems in UnDelphiX

    Hi there - I hope that there are still people out here using un-DelphiX :-)

    I have just tried to move a gameproject from DelphiX to UnDelphiX, and I have issues with the clipper when using ImageList.Draw. It works fine if the old DelphiX routines are used (i.e. without hw acceleration). But when "do hardware" and "do 3d" are true, the clipper does not work at all (it is ignored). I want to use HW acceleration, since the game runs much faster that way.

    Has anybody solved this - and how?

    Best regards

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    What is "clipper"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SilverWarior View Post
    What is "clipper"?
    It is a function that limits output to certain regions of the screen. So if you for instance have a "radar screen" in your game (and this radar does not fill the entire physical screen) - the clipper "clips" the part of the images that you draw, that fall outside the region you have specified (in this case the outline of the "radar screen).

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    I think OpenGL at least supports setting viewport multiple times per frame effortlessly. Maybe the UnDelphiX implementation of it is unfinished. Alternative is to render into a surface/texture and then draw that, but it could be slower.

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