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Thread: Java function non included (receive sms)

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    Java function non included (receive sms)

    i'm back to use MIDletPascal. Now i've discover 3.0 version.

    I want to know if there is any possibility to use functions not included.

    In particular i need to use a "receive sms" function that permit me to know text and sender number for each sms arrived in the phone.


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    Welcome to the forums SiEM

    I guess you could try making a Java library to do the SMS functionality you want which you can then use the library directly in MIDletPascal...

    For example, I wanted to use my touch screen on my mobile phone in MIDletPascal, but it didn't have the functionality.

    I googled and found that someone had made a java library to read the pointer values from the touch screen, and that if you put that in the Libs folder in MIDletPascal, you can then use the library by adding the name to the uses clause!


    Here are the links to the touch screen library stuff so you can take a look - hopefully this might help you perhaps make a lib to do the SMS stuff?


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    wow it's impressive if we can even use java libs o.O

    great work !
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