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Thread: MAC OS Compatibility

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    MAC OS Compatibility

    I'm doing some tests with the new yet unreleased Phoenix Version, and I successfully get a Mac demo running today! =). Here is the compiled demo... .

    Thanks again to Johannes Stein for all the help with this build.

    Andreas is quite busy now, But I hope soon we can have the first beta of this new Phoenix version. I have two new games almost ready using it.

    I will now port the Alpha Versions of my games to see if everything will work on MacOS, I will report here when completed! They will use Sound (Bass) and Lua Scripting, but I think that everything will works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wagenheimer
    Here is the compiled demo...
    dyld: Library not loaded: @excutable_path/../Frameworks/SDL.framework/Version/A/SDL
    Errmm, and where I must get it?

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    Please download it here and install to Library/FrameWorks

    It must have some way to embed everything with the application.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wagenheimer
    Please download it here and install to Library/FrameWorks
    This way it works fine(under MacOS X 10.6.5 in VirtualBox ). Also it works when I put SDL.framework into

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    Well... I'm removing all my Generics and Advanced Records to be able to compile my games... after it, I will try to compile my "Zombie Parashoot" game tech demo on it and will publish here... =)

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    Well... Bass (Sound) is working! I can see already the Loading Screen of my game! It only lacks LUA now. =)

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    LuaHandle:= DynLibs.LoadLibrary(ALibName);
      if LuaHandle = NilHandle then
         Result := False;
    LuaHandle is always returning NilHandle. FileExists(ALibName) returns true.

    I use the same command to load Bass and it works.

    Anybody have any idea of what is wrong?

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    Anybody have any idea of what is wrong?
    Do you compile Lua by your self? If so the maybe you forgot some options for linker, like "-no_order_inits" and "-no_order_data". Another variant - Lua compiled for MacOS X 10.6.x and you use MacOS X 10.5.x or lower

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    Well... I give up of dynamic linking LUA. I have changed back to Static Loading and now it works! =)

    My game now compiled to Mac with almost 0 changes!!! =)

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    Zombie Parashoot is now working on MacOS also! It is a idea of a new game I hope to finish soon! It would go well in the IPAD / iPhone, but unfortunately it is a bit distant to me to get an IOS build using Lazarus + SDL yet (I hope this could change soon, I must find out how Hedgewars made it). But I think I'll finish it and launch it on the Mac App Store.

    For those who want to test this first experimental version, please download it here

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