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Thread: MAC OS Compatibility

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    Quote Originally Posted by wagenheimer View Post
    Zombie Parashoot is now working on MacOS also! It is a idea of a new game I hope to finish soon! It would go well in the IPAD / iPhone, but unfortunately it is a bit distant to me to get an IOS build using Lazarus + SDL yet (I hope this could change soon, I must find out how Hedgewars made it). But I think I'll finish it and launch it on the Mac App Store.

    For those who want to test this first experimental version, please download it here
    Aha, somewhat similar to Airborne! (Old B/W Mac game from the 80's.)

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    Anybody have any success on Dynamic Loading lua on MacOS? I still have the same problem.

    Again I'm having some problems with it, and Static Loading seens to be not working to me now!

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    Well... I fixed the static loading (Thanks to Johannes for the Hint)...

    Install the Lua Framework installed in your /Library/Frameworks and you have to add -k-framework -kLua in your compiler options.

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    Trunk has advanced records. Upcoming 2.6.0 will too.

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