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Thread: GLXTerrain ?

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    GLXTerrain ?

    Hi again, it's been some time since my last post here
    So i'm studying the GLXTerrain component and i was wondering if it was possible to do something like this :
    A very simple 3D car game using GLXT
    I thought i could store the track in a BMP file so that it's easily editable (and the GLXT demo uses a bmp), but the idea was that the track would be black (height = 0) but i don't know how to change the detail texture when height = 0 so that i could use some road texture for the track and rock texture next to it.
    To stay simple, the question is : how to change the GLXT.Detail whenever the height is equal to 0 ?
    Thx for any response and excuse my english one more time

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    GLXTerrain ?

    It's currently not possible to do just that, the detail texure must be same over the whole map, i have however some interest in writing an engine like that some day, but it's quite advanced, what u have to do is to change the Terrain Texture's colors at those places instead, like the way battlefield 1942 handles roads.

    Oh, and this code appears to be an approximate replacement for return(random() & 0x01);

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