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Thread: Diamond Fighters

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    Diamond Fighters

    Name: Diamond Fighters
    Genre: Arcade
    Engine: ZenGL
    Programming: Andru, Michail Bazhin aka BMA
    Art: Timushev Vladimir aka Vladimirus
    License type: open source


    2D tank arcade similar to classic "Battle City". There are several types of enemies, bonuses and 30 levels in 3 different settings. There is an opportunity to play together.

    - First player - Arrow keys and space
    - Second player - WASD and Tab

    Posted here just for history. First release was in 2007, then I ported it to ZenGL and release under GNU/Linux. Source code in some places is terrible

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    Thanks for posting. I'll have a looksee through the code, to see how things are setup.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Traveler
    I'll have a looksee through the code, to see how things are setup.
    Source code in this project is something like "how not to do", because it was written long time ago and using old engine, and in that time I was almost a newbie

    Hmm, seems project file for Lazarus is broken, here is a fix.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wagenheimer
    None of the links are working! =(
    Hm, strange. Try to use for example this proxy, or try to download it yourself again. Also temporarily I have uploaded Diamond Fighters here(for Windows), here(for GNU/Linux) and here(Source code).

    Seems I need to look for a new hosting provider...

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    Good job!
    Keep it going. I like the style and visuals, but I would like you to add some details, maybe lightning, shadows from boxes and so on.
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    Nice game, seems to be working 100% here ;-)
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