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Thread: Omega VS GLScene

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    Omega VS GLScene

    hi every body ..
    i dont know any thing about Omega tools . i use GLScene . but as i see that Omega is so good tools for 3D Developing .

    can any body tell me about Omega VS GLScene and who is better ..

    thanks ..
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    Omega VS GLScene

    Omega does 3D? That's new to me. It sure is a great set of DirectX wrappers but from what I know, it doesn't do actual 3D yet. Am I wrong? Please enlighten me.
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    Omega VS GLScene

    Omega is very good (and fast) for making 2D grafix using 3D effects, and I like it very much for making cool 2D games. And it also has some primitives for 3D I think, but right now it is not really a tool to make 3D games or demos with...


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