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Thread: FPC 4 Wii

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    I am not that good with fpcmake and the likes.

    I now run into problems when executing the fpcmake -r -w Twii as it then states:
    Processing Makefile.fpc
    Error: Target "wii", package "libogcfpc" not found
    Just removing usbgecko examples gives and not found for usbgecko.

    Maybe i should compile the examples one by one. :-)

    Anyways i am going to try out the working examples on the wii this weekend.

    Is not the gecko some kind of debug device? - create adventure games without programming

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    Yes, it is. BTW, as you have noticed, things need some work here and there. I'll try to fix these issues in the next days. Let me know if the examples are running fine on the Wii
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