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Thread: What is everyone working on? Break your silence!

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    What is everyone working on? Break your silence!

    Hey everybody, I've noticed a trend in the past few months or even that last year. People have seemed to have gone into hiding and are making their games in secret lately. What is the point of that? What gratification do you get by hiding your talents?

    Sure everyone wants to have that secret project that they'll one day release and make their first million selling, but lets be honest. How long will that last? You have to motivate yourself and others that making games with Pascal is a passion. So what are you actually working on?

    Tools and libraries, ok I can see there isn't much visual glamor to be had, but have had quite a few posts about tools. I'm not worried for the amount of tools we have to work with, those are great. What I miss is the lack of project and game project postings. Show your stuff fellas. What are you working on, what ideas do you have?

    This community is based off of the concept of sharing and getting feedback from what you show off to others. You'll get out of it what you put into it, so why not go that extra step and post something that you've done recently or are planning for your next project. Such as the story, game play mechanics or design ideas. Lets get the floodgates back open and start sharing those ideas again.
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    Agreed, it's too quiet projects-wise. But I suppose I'm guilty of keeping it that way too.
    I'm still working on my unnamed project. The focus is currently on gameplay and a prototype and much less on graphics. If I had to post a screenshot, this is what you would see.
    It's mostly lines, but everything works like a typical platformer. You can jump onto (moving) platforms, shoot stuff (in this case the green ball), die because a beam hit you, and reach the end of the level.

    All very basic stuff really.

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    I have no game projects for now... I get fun with low system API's and so on for now, maybe sometimes later I will start game project and will share my super-duper ideas and screenshots

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    I'm mainly working on paid non-pascal stuff and my studies. I want to do some work on my engine too, but right now, cleaning my room and doing paperwork has priority. If I don't work on it today, I will tomorrow.
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    As usual I'm still working on my "swansong", aka "Phase 2". If I'm not mistaken I've been working on Projekt "W" for about 6 or 7 years now (with pauses, one public release of "Phase 1" and some other projects done in between) and progress is not as fast as I want it to be, but even small steps towards a final release count. I'm not posting much news on it though because for the last weeks and months I mainly did stuff under the hood, i.e. additions and changes to the gameplay. And in addition to that, posting news about a project also takes it's time, and if you don't have much time to spend for working on your project, posting news about it becomes a luxury.

    But I also did a rework of the UI and recently also moved the regional view from a separate window in the the new GUI, with the backgrounds of regions fading nicely between different settings (the mountains and sky you see in the first screenshot behind a region is different depending on it's location, e.g. snowy, lush green or desert).

    So here are some exclusive screenshots I haven't posted anywhere, click on the thumbnails for a 1280x720 screenshot :

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    ATM I'm working on freepascal porting for Wii and doing mainly maintenance stuff on freepascal for NDS/GBA.
    In the meanwhile, I have joined the Dream.Build.Play 2011 Challenge because it seems funny and it should be a good opportunity to learn a little bit of C#
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    I'm working on a few projects at once to be honest and I just can't seem to stay focussed on any single one of them...I'm jumping around like a flea on a hot griddle!

    My projects:
    • The Probe - my Boulder Dash inspired game. I'm re-working the physics in a simple prototype and creating a separate probe engine that I should be able to plug back into the main game.
    • pas2c64 - a simple Pascal -> c64 assembly compiler.
    • ebnf2pas - This is my attempt to see if I can parse a ebnf grammar (done), and generate some Pascal parser code that will parse a program which matches the grammar (not done yet LOL). I don't have a project thread for this ATM...


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    Been saving up for a mac mini to do some iOS development and working on a mini/portfolio game with some old friends since half januari. It will have 20 to 30 minutes of gameplay. The setting is an old castle somewhere in the dark ages where you have to steal an artifect and assassinate a lord. The gameplay will be fps stealth and cunning like hitman/thieve with mayby some simple physics puzzles.

    We currently are with 3 people. A modeller/animator and a texture artist/level designer and me. When the engine/tools and game concept is a bit more evolved we will be looking for a sound artist and gameplay coder.

    I develop the Engine and toolset. The base of the engine is a rewrite of my old Genesis Device Engine. Its current features are:

    - Basic stuff like timing, math, logging, console, memory management etc
    - Loaders for Obj, MD5Mesh, MD5Anim, Tga, Jpg, Bmp, Dds.
    - Multithreaded resource loader.
    - Deffered rendering
    - Custom material system.
    - SSAO and Bloom post process effects
    - Basic Model and Mesh animation system
    - Dynamic Octree with streaming loading of the world.
    - Basic Editor framework

    Of course written in delphi

    Here are 2 screens and a little video:

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    Below is a screenshot of the engine with a sample scene.
    Soon I will show a video from the game

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    I was mostly freelancing and studying on the last one and a half year, so, unfortunately no projects :/

    begin offtopic
    At this time I'm working my way for a scholarship in France. Anyone from France?
    end offtopic
    From brazil (:

    Pascal pownz!

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