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Thread: What is everyone working on? Break your silence!

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    After my recent pac-man clone for the original 4.77mhz 8088 PC, I'm moving on to another game using the "undocumented" 160x100 cga/ega/vga graphics mode that's going to be a port of the old TRS-80 "Defense command" of sorts. The old DOS game "moonbugs" is similiar in concept and uses the same video mode I am, but their code wasn't as efficient resulting in a bit less smooth a gameplay. Even explosions in moonbugs can drag an XT class PC to it's knees. (you can see that in the video).

    I'm playing with the idea of a particle engine for the game to give the exploding bits a 'raining down' physics... I may make a simpler invaders type game akin to "round42" first as a stepping stone to the more advanced game. Most of my time has been spent trying to wring every ounce of optimization possible out of the 160x100 semigraphics since I'd like to get at least three times as many sprites moving on-screen as I did for paku paku... which is already running pretty lean on a 4.77mhz PC.

    All I really have to show right now is some of the sprites I've been drawing. (zoomed in 4x)

    As you can tell, many of them are based on the famed "TRS-Invaders" used in many old TRS-80 games.

    I've really been enjoying getting back down into the 'guts' of code again -- with SDL, OpenGL, etc, so much is already done for you, or you can simply say "Oh well, just up the system requirements". Focusing on such a small target system (256k 4.77mhz 8088 with a CGA card) is really challenging and can make one have to think in different directions on solutions to the problems.

    I am also working on a SDL API so I can compile my games with FPC on modern systems... though that's low priority since they run just fine under DosBox.
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    Very nice! Keep em coming


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