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Thread: Physics test

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    Physics test

    I've just started playing around with ODE and I've made the usual 'car on terrain' demo.

    Could you please try it and tell me if it works for you and what sort of performance you get?

    Download dgdevtest and give it a try.

    I'm using Windows 2000 and Delphi 6 with a Geforce2 mx and an AthlonXP 2000. If you are using a slower machine than me, you might have some problems with the physics stuff!!

    When you run the demo you will get a blank screen (a nice blue blank screen) for at least a few seconds. Just bear with it, the demo will start *eventually*

    Stats (fps etc.) are in the title bar of the window

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    Physics test

    Cannot run as OpenGL32.dll not found

    Win XP, as installed no additional driveres etc installed.
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    Physics test

    I get a motor.wav not found message with a strange path and get stuck on the blue screen (without any cpu load so no loading in progress).

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    Physics test

    Well, like Paulius said the path to motor.wav is a bit of a problem, which you might want to fix in the next version. But otherwise this sure does look pretty sweet. I got 14fps on my machine at work (2,4mhz 512 mb and a radeon 7500)

    The driving is pretty neat. A couple odd things I found:
    :arrow: When the car flips over, the stearingwheels are suddenly at the back. And unless I flip the car again, I can't seem to turn the car.
    :arrow: At some point and without changing the gravity or other things, I was able to lift off and take my car to the moon, using one the hills as a ramp.
    :arrow: While writing this, I had the demo still running. When I returned to the demo again, my car was floating in the sky. It seems the demo is still responding to the keyboard, even though it doesn't have focus.

    looking forward to the next update

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    Physics test

    Oh dear, I never seem to notice the obvious things

    Thanks for taking the time to download it.

    cairnswm: The opengl32.dll problem is strange. It's in my system32 folder and AFAIK is installed with the video card drivers. Sorry it doesn't work for you.

    Paulius: I can't believe I didn't notice that stupid path :lol: I'd forgotten that it even needs that file. The engine sound is not great at the moment, I've only spent about 30 minutes on it and most of that was downloading and installing OpenAL!

    Traveler: Nice to see you got it working.

    The problem you had with the steering wheels is really to do with the camera. It moves to the opposite end of the car when it flips over. I did this because it lets you see where you're going when it's upside down!! And it is hard to steer an upside down car, try it in a real one :twisted: Actually, lowering the suspension should bring the wheels nearer the ground but that's cheating really.

    Why you went to the moon I don't know, but it's probably to do with the timestep of the physics updates. The rendering speed won't affect the physics up to a point. The physics is actually being updated while the quadtree is rendering but even then if rendering slows down too much it loses some precision and starts over compensating (which launches you moonwards). It's much more fun when you get more than 30fps (it's actually limited to 33fps anyway).

    And I have to admit the keyboard input is a pretty poor effort. I've been using 99% of my brain's cpu to work with matrix math and physics so that bit of code has been neglected a little.

    I'll upload a new version ASAP with some fixes. Let you know when it's ready, until then the link won't work.

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    Physics test

    OK I've (hopefully) fixed all those problems and you can get the new version from the same place (

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    Physics test

    First of the program can't seem to find OpenAL32.dll so I had to add it manually.

    First time I started the demo the car just jumped up in the sky and didn't want to come down... :shock:

    Otherwise I get 5 fps on a Win98, 800MHz, 256 Mb Ram, TNT2 with a resolution at 1280x1024x32 and 8 fps with a 800x600x16 resolution.
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    Physics test

    I get 33FPS even on 1600x1200 with my 1.4GHz thunderbird and GeForce4 TI4200

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    Physics test

    i get openal errors

    have you got it at fixed frame rate or frame rate indipendant? (my racing sim is using ode too )

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    Physics test

    p4 2.0ghz & GeForce4 MX (my Gfx card sucks) .

    Near constant 33 fps & physic update rate of +300/s at resolution at 1024x768x32

    ~20fps & physic update rate of +160/s at resolution at 1600x1200x32

    Its still way to damn easy to flip the stupid thing onto its back.

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