Name: Angor
Genre: 3D MMORTS, online strategy of indirect control.
Technology: Delphi, GLScene
Team: 7 people. Project supervisor (he is a game designer and programmer intelligence beings), network and database
programmer, artist, 3D modeler, game designer, the designer of the game mechanics, game-master
Date of development: 01.01.20011
Release Date: March 2012
The current stage of development: alpha
Business model: free-to-play.
Method of distribution: Facebook, MySpace, as well as the same windows application: a client with an open source
(Delphi, GLScene)
Project website:

Online strategy of indirect control.
With the ability to interfere with the development of the settlement through an intermediary (proxy).

Design Goals:
- To develop the game enjoyable
- Gain experience of all participants in the project
- Completion of their portfolio / resume all project participants

At the moment, ready:
- Game server online (alpha)
- The client at GLScene (alpha)
- Network between all servers and client
- A data transfer protocol and specification packages
- The basic concept
- Design document (finalized at the moment)

ICQ for communication: