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Thread: New Lazarus 9.30 is out

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    Quote Originally Posted by chronozphere View Post
    Right now it gives sigsegv errors when I want to debug
    Are you using Comodo firewall by any chance? One of its features (process monitoring) causes gdb debugger to not work properly.

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    Nope, I used an AVG virusscanner and I'm still using the PC-Tools Firewall plus. Disabling it doesn't help.

    I have tried to debug with Lazarus in safe-mode and it went perfectly fine. It seems that some program is messing things up. I would love to know where I should start looking. Testing against all differences between normal boot and safe-mode just seems too much work.

    Suggestions anyone? I'd really appreciate it!!

    Edit: Other programs I run include Skype, DeamonTools, webcam software, Hamachi etc..
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