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Thread: BGRABitmap tutorial

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    Makes me wonder if you plan to add FPGUI framework support. It really lacks of PNG support with alpha channels.

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    Well in fact I don't really understand what FPGUI is. Is it like applications that run in full screen mode and that draw windows themselves, or is it a framework that use basic window functions of different platforms to render their own controls ?

    Does FPGUI has TCanvas objects and use the same Graphics unit as the standard LCL ?

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    Does FPGUI has TCanvas objects and use the same Graphics unit as the standard LCL ?
    Yes FPGUI has own Canvas object derived from GDI. It's a GUI toolkit just like Qt or LCL. It doesn't uses Graphics unit and that's why it procures much smaller executable and it doesn't depend on GTK in Linux.

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    I see. Well BGRABitmap depends on standard TCanvas, Gtk and LCL, and uses types from Graphics and GraphType units. So that would be much work to make a version for FPGUI. I'm not familiar with it nor with the way it accesses to graphics. So I will not do this, I guess. But if someone wants to try...

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    I will see if I can make the FPCanvas work with FPGUI. Another question is how to get a pixel color by mouse click in 4th tutorial image?

    Something like this.

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    I would recommend you to save the bitmap as a variable in the interface section, and get pixel colors using BGRABitmap.GetPixel.

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    Hello people,

    Just to notify that the 3D engine is finished. Well at least there could be some minor improvements, but it works great.

    Here is a screenshot :
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