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Thread: Trying to use lazarus more.

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    Trying to use lazarus more.

    Since i hardly ever need or want to use a RAD environment, i've only used lazarus a handful of times. I am now thinking i should use it more since ill be able to use delphi and laz projects from other people better.

    I've been using geany and emacs(love emacs hate pascal-mode, and dont feel like learning lisp to correct it), i've always used more basic text editors for programming. i always get lost in the GUI of the bulkier IDEs, commands are easier for me.

    Few thing i need help figuring out:

    -I got some unit files which i often use is there a way in Lazarus to make it easy to include in my projects.
    -What is a package?

    I thought i could put my units into a package but i think i misunderstood what a package is for, since it didn't work.

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    there should be no problem getting packages to work in this way. if they are runtime packages then you can't install but they still work the same. I tend to like a simple editor too, code folding is rather retarded. one nice thing about lazarus editor is single stepping through your code.

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    To use a package, the simplest way is to install it. It needs Lazarus to be compiled again with the package. Then, the unit names will be recognize in the projects provided you specify a dependency with the project inspector (conditions tab).

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    Lazarus is great on Windows. It's seems to be getting better on the Mac. (though now I'm having trouble with getting JEDI-SDL to work)

    LCL is still a long ways away from becoming completed, but it's such a huge undertaking, I can only imagine what Borland went through back in the 90s.
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    well i tried to put just dglOpenGL into a package, but when ever i try to include it nothing...
    I rebuilt it into the IDE and all, since this is going to be a common unit i thought i'd test making a package with just that in it.

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    I don't really know about packages as i have never used them. Anyway dglOpenGL still works if included in the unit path.


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