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Thread: A3D nGine Status...

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    A3D nGine Status...

    Hi everyone
    It's summer time, and i have some free time to contribute to this kick ass project. For now i only wanna know were is the status of A3D nGine

    I know that Dean have made a cross-platform version using SDL
    i dont know if DETVOG or HARRY PAINTNER have made some progress
    but i need the latest source code of the engine. Were i can find it ?

    I realy need that all Devlopper that wanna contribute to this project reply to this message with what he can contribute.

    Christian F

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    A3D nGine Status...



    i have no time at the moment to work with a3d.
    Hey Andygfx what is with this engine :?: :?: :?:
    There is no more post from you. Is the engine dead :?: :?:

    Please write. :roll:

    :!: :!:

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    A3D nGine Status...

    I am hoping that this engine is not dead.

    I am going to make the Cross-Platform version of the engine available on the JEDI-SDL site So hopefully people can keep developing it. The Quake vsp loader is not the latest but it works . and there are some areas that still need to be tested under linux and windows (and MacOS??)

    As soon as I get the source together I'll let you all know

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    A3D nGine Status...

    Hi Everyone

    Well the Source Code for the SDL version of A3DnGine is now part of the JEDI-SDL source forge project. It currently works under both linux and windows without any code changes. It will compile in Delphi, Kylix and Free Pascal.

    Feel free to get the source at


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    A3D nGine Status...

    I believe I speak for all of us when I say 'Superb Work!'

    *after looking at the sf website *
    Hmm, I may be mistaken, but wasn't there a newer version of JEDI-SDL? (Newer beeing v1.0?)

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    A3D nGine Status...

    DetVog, would I be right in saying that you are still working on some stuff for A3D?
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